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Managing onsite security for businesses throughout the U.S.

With security and law enforcement industry expertise, a nationwide network of police officers, and end-to-end technology platform, we deliver reliable security solutions and peace of mind for our customers. For over 15 years, customers have relied on us to tend to every detail of their off-duty officer security detail.

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Delivering peace of mind

While Summit can fulfill job requests in as few as four hours, we like to take a methodical approach to knowing your business and developing a tailor-fit solution.



We start with a discovery call to take stock of our client’s perceived risks, understand their security challenges and goals, and evaluate current security measures in place. We look for areas of improvement and where off-duty officers will have the highest impact on mitigating threats.



Our team of seasoned personnel helps clients think through their complete risk profile and determine the right solutions and staffing to achieve their outlined goals in physical security. We work together to come up with a plan of action.



We deliver solid security strategies and manage staffing, billing, payments so clients can focus on more pressing matters. We make sure to find the right officer for the job and maintain a 97% staffing rate.

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Providing smart and dependable security solutions

At Summit, we pride ourselves on being reliable and resourceful partners. We create and manage customized security programs for businesses, offering nationwide reach with localized solutions. This alleviates the burden of crafting and staffing security details so our clients are free to focus on their business.

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Security Assessments

All businesses have security risks. Know where you stand.

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