Construction Security Services
Summit helps construction firms focus on the task at hand

Summit Off-Duty Services has a long history in supporting construction projects across the nation. We partner with customers to provide an accurate cost estimate for project proposals, and make it easy to keep the project on track, and employees and neighboring publics safe. 

Safer sites, less administrative burden

On-site, we will help you manage day-to-day administrative safety requirements, such as ensuring National Highway Institute certifications are complete and timesheets are submitted. Police officers are well trained to keep traffic flowing around the worksite, criminals out, and construction on track. 

Summit makes it easy

Through Summit’s massive network of officers – 60,000 strong – we can ensure your job has the right coverage at the right time. You can count on Summit officers to be there when you need them. If there are call offs, we handle it. Summit also carries generous general liability insurance so you’re protected if an incident occurs on site. Summit manages officer/agency payments and taxes too. The construction company pays a single invoice, freeing you up to focus on delivering a quality job.

Summit can help.

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Construction Insights

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Customer Success Stories

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Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coastline in August of 2017 with devastating force. Next to Katrina, Harvey’s 134 mph winds caused one of the most destructive tropical storms ever recorded with $125 billion in damage. The catastrophic rainfall that followed triggered flooding that left a third of the Greater Houston...


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