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As more employees return to the traditional office environment, civil disobedience, general unrest, and incidents of workplace violence are increasing; making employees even more reluctant to go back and fueling fears among employees to physically be onsite. Tempers and anxiety can run high among employees being forced to return. We have seen some workplace tensions and conflict grow to the point that some employees can no longer be effective in their jobs. In these cases, terminations ultimately result and unfortunately are too often met with outbursts that can, also, become violent.

In addition to internal threats, there have been increased risk of external threats impacting corporate security services today. Businesses have been impacted by protestors of the company as well as protests of neighboring offices, riots from civil unrest and even active shooter situations on-campus and in nearby areas.

Managing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence prevention programs, combined with on-site workplace violence assessment teams, are critical to mitigating this growing problem. To give workers a greater sense of physical safety, companies have been enlisting the support of off-duty officers, stationing them in prominent locations such as in lobbies and around buildings.

An officer’s presence brings peace of mind and reassurance for all. As an elevated level to the traditional corporate facility security deterrent, they also have training in de-escalation and the ability to request reinforcements when situations escalate.

Value of Staffing Off-Duty Officers

Engaging with law enforcement officers with an intimate understanding of the local community they serve on-duty, has helped business facility owners and corporate facility security services managers improve their security posture and operational safety performance beyond traditional security use cases:

  • Familiarity with the community: including the citizens they serve, known bad actors and what is important to the community
  • Highly trained ears and eyes on what’s happening daily “on-the-ground”
  • Pulse on local crime trends and potential issues which can help create an effective response
  • Local officers can diffuse a tense situation and allow meaningful dialogue, since it’s their community as well

Because law enforcement officers are truly part of the community, the community at large is more comfortable with them. People inclined to protest see them as not just a police officer or a faceless uniform guard employed by a corporation, but as a neighbor, and that sends a positive signal.

Enterprise-level companies are engaging off-duty officers as security “bench strength” without the commitment of a full-time hire or security post addition. We understand the last thing any company needs is a security misstep; Summit Off Duty Services places officers where and when you need them, to keep your facility security services strong and enhance the value provided by your security dollars.

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60% of workers would feel safer at work if their employer hired onsite security

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Value of Outsourcing Off Duty

Save Time, Streamline and Improve Safety & Security Summit exists to make life easier for our customers. We manage off-duty officer staffing — keeping you informed every step of the way — and free you to focus on your business.


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