Patients’ families consumed with concern. Tired and stressed staff working long shifts. Emergency rooms brimming with patients eager to be cared for. It’s no wonder healthcare employees account for around 50% of all workplace assaults, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 


Reliable security makes it possible to put patients first

Security plays a pivotal role in ensuring things run smoothly in the healthcare setting so that medical staff can prioritize patient care and keep accreditation compliance on track. Security is there to mitigate risks, diffuse tensions and prevent intrusion, injury and loss. In this environment more than any other, there is no room for a security failure or unattended post.


The value of off-duty officers in healthcare

Given the high demand and short supply of security staff in healthcare settings, many clinics and hospitals are turning to off-duty officers to supplement security staff and elevate their security posture, especially in sensitive areas of the facility like the emergency department. An officer’s authority to intervene and de-escalate challenging situations is invaluable in healthcare. 

Let Summit Off Duty Services centralize and manage the process of engaging off-duty officers. We handle everything from officer placement to payment, and all the details in between. Our service also includes generous general liability coverage to protect your facility in case of an accident related to off-duty details.

We are extremely impressed with Summit. Your communication, professionalism and timely invoicing are a breath of fresh air. You have the most squared away off duty law enforcement service I have seen so far.

— Security executive, Houston-based hospital system

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Healthcare employees accounted for 50% of victims of all workplace assaults, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Customer Success Stories

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Summit Off Duty Services began supporting a large, Dallas-based children’s healthcare system in 2020. What started as singularly focused job, guarding a construction site, has grown to include additional posts and campuses.


Off-duty police officers vs. security guards – which is right for your business?

If you’ve Googled far enough to find this article, you’re likely feeling some form or fashion of vulnerability and recognizing risks you need help mitigating.