Summit’s clients span a host of industries, from infrastructure to events to healthcare.

Summit delivers reliable security solutions and staffing so that our clients can focus on their business. Off-duty peace officers offer the experience, training, authority and access to reinforcements that security guards can’t.

Our client relationship managers work hard to understand each client’s business, track the threats they face, anticipate needs, and deliver superior security solutions through our nationwide network of

  • 1,400 law enforcement agencies
  • 60,000 officers
  • Our proprietary, end-to-end technology platform
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97% successful staffing fulfillment rate (industry average = 60-65%)



We start by taking stock of our clients perceived risks, understanding business and security goals, visiting the site as needed/able.



Our team of seasoned law enforcement leaders and former security directors help clients think through the complete risk profile and determine the right solutions and staffing to achieve customers’ goals.


Managed Services

We deliver strategic plans and manage staffing, billing, payments and are attuned to evolving needs so that our clients are free to focus on other aspects of the business.

Industries Served

Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions typically have significant physical security equipment, but even these measures cannot completely protect against criminal activity. We provide the security services financial institutions need to provide peace of mind for their customers and staff.
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From temporary locations to limited access controls, construction sites come with a unique set of security challenges. We provide effective traffic control plans, ensuring the safety of construction personnel and drivers while minimizing congestion and other adverse local impacts.
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Corporate Facilities

As more employees return to the traditional office environment, civil disobedience, general unrest, and incidents of workplace violence are increasing, companies are engaging off-duty officers as security “bench strength”. Summit places officers where and when you need them.
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Retailers - and grocers especially -  across the U.S. are feeling a strain on margins. Combating shrink is their highest priority. At the same time, consumers are increasingly concerned about security while shopping, especially at night and in higher crime areas. Their loyalty is on the line. 

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Energy & Utilities

Summit has secured hundreds of facilities, thousands of miles of pipeline projects, and billions of dollars in project investment. No other company in the security sector outperforms the level of partnership we provide to the oil & gas industry.
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Hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities present specific security challenges, as they contain expensive equipment and controlled substances that attract a criminal element. We understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities and provide off duty law enforcement to strategically complement existing security plans.
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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Manufacturing and industrial complexes can be difficult to lock down during times of emergency, and can be prone to labor issues or multi-employee reductions in force.
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Natural Disasters

From preplanning to resolution, Summit Off Duty Services knows the risks and security requirements stemming from natural disasters. We have supported clients throughout some of the worst storm’s our nation has encountered.
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We provide leading security services for restaurants nationwide on a temporary or part-time basis. Our clients regularly hire us to provide security during specific days of the week to ensure their operations are running smoothly and efficiently.
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Our retail security services are designed to minimize theft and facilitate ongoing loss prevention. Our clients rely on us to provide daily security for their high-risk or high-profile locations, ensuring the safety and security of both customers and staff.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Off Duty Service?”

The term “off-duty service” refers to police officers working private jobs when they’re not on-duty, serving their city, county or state. Many police officers work when they’re off duty as a means to supplement their income and continue building safer, stronger communities in their own backyards. Summit works with more than 1,400 law enforcement agencies and has over 60,000 officers in its nationwide network of law enforcement professionals.

A lot of people don’t know that police officers are available to hire for security, or how to go about setting up a program. Summit takes all the headache and hassle out of hiring off-duty officers by managing the process. Whether that’s an event venue or retailer who needs an elevated security solution, or a hospital in need of supplemental security staffing, Summit provides security services for a host of needs.

How do you hire a police officer? Can I go to the agency myself for the service?

Working directly with the law enforcement agency is always an option. Most agencies appoint a coordinator to manage off duty; that’s who you need to contact with your request for off-duty services.

Doing it yourself can be very time consuming, however, so plan accordingly. In general, here’s what to expect:

1) Find the right officer for the task and location, coordinate their availability, and have a backup plan for call offs. Given the increasingly limited number of police officers available, finding officers through the police department can be a challenge.

2) After that, there’s onboarding paperwork (applications, tax and banking forms, liability release forms, etc.) for each officer supporting the business.

3) and billing (tracking hours, preparing and submitting invoices, making sure an officer is paid on time). Come tax season, the business will need to provide contractor tax forms to each officer.

Summit has an automated platform for managing this process and a network of over 60,000 officers from 1,400 law enforcement agencies to draw upon.

Do off-duty officers cost more than security guards?

In most markets, yes, it costs more to hire an officer compared to a security guard. Though, that divide is becoming narrower given the staffing challenges of today’s market and the need to pay more to hire security guards. The data shows, police officers are more effective at deterring and stopping crime, but for low-risk security needs, guards may be an effective solution. Summit charges a low, flat hourly rate for managing off-duty programs for businesses. The rate depends on a few factors, including: notice for service booking, hours committed and whether or not the service is recurring.

How can an officer protect my business?

Officers provide a full suite of security expertise, from traffic control to arrest. They also bring with them a calming comfort to employees and customers who may be feeling threatened or vulnerable.

Uniformed officers have a presence and authority that can stop a potential criminal in his/her tracks. They’re also skilled and trained in de-escalation techniques and able to prevent a tense situation from turning into a more serious threat to the business’s loyal customers and long-term reputation. Off-duty officers also offer a flexible solution to supplement traditional security teams.

Here are a few examples of how off-duty officers support businesses.
– One international telecom retailer virtually eliminated product theft by stationing an officer in its stores.
– A large hospital network is able to ensure all security posts are fulfilled with supplemental staffing from Summit.
– Off-duty officers can provide support in times of natural disaster, when local police are consumed with response.
– Officers can keep traffic flowing smoothly in congested areas such a manufacturing facility, events, construction sites and more.