Energy & Utilities Security Services
There was a time when opposition to energy and utility projects was limited to fossil fuel transportation projects. That has evolved.

Activists today have well-developed coalitions, communications channels and playbooks for shutting down production sites, supply chains, power plants, pipelines and now, even renewable energy developments.

While opposition tactics have evolved to include legislative campaigns, legal delays, and sophisticated brand/reputation assaults, protests and damage at work sites, offices and executive residences remain the low-hanging fruit and go-to tactics for groups opposed to energy development. And rest assured that activist will rally should an energy company have any misstep, accident or oil spill.

Summit has secured hundreds of facilities, thousands of miles of pipeline projects, and billions of dollars in project investment. We have worked around the clock to keep protestors at bay in trying times such as an oil spill response. No other off-duty officer staffing service matches the level of partnership we provide to the energy and utilities industry.

Let Summit Off Duty Services help you identify risks, anticipate threats, and put plans in place to protect your properties, projects, operations and people so that your company can continue to deliver the energy and services needed to fuel our nation’s prosperity.

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Insights for Energy & Utilities Security

Takeaways from the 2022 Energy Security Council Annual Meeting

Last week, the Energy Security Council held its annual meeting in person for the first time since 2019. There was a hearty exchange of experiences, ideas and best practices for protecting employees, assets and the “right to operate” in the current environment.

Customer Success Stories

430-Mile Pipeline Project Delivered During Global Pandemic

Challenge A large, U.S. midstream energy company announced in June 2018 that it would build a pipeline to carry natural gas from the Permian Basin in West Texas to the Gulf Coast, spanning more than 430 miles, with a portion of the through the Texas Hill Country, home to ranches and vacation homes complete with scenic...


Evolving Trends in Infrastructure Opposition

The new intersectional alliance of social causes has fused groups together to rally against infrastructure projects, making the development of critical infrastructure more challenging than ever.