Summit Handles the Details of Hiring Off-Duty Officers - So You Don’t Have To

Get a customized solution to deter threats, feel confident with reliable service and alleviate all of the administrative paperwork and tasks associated with hiring off-duty officers.


Summit’s Services

When you hire off-duty officers through Summit, you can focus on
your business while we handle the logistics. Our services include:

Administrative Support

Eliminate the administrative hassle associated with hiring officers. We complete all of the necessary paperwork to hire an officer:

  • I9 and W4 paperwork
  • Tax paperwork such as the 1099 tax forms at the end of the year 
  • Agency verification and approvals for the officer to work off duty jobs 


Simplified Scheduling


Tell us when and where you need officers. Whether you need one officer, multiple officers over multiple days, or an officer at locations across the country, we'll coordinate with law enforcement agencies to staff the appropriate number of officers and vehicles. If call-offs occur, we'll arrange replacements.


Streamlined Invoicing & Officer Payments

  • All coordinator, agency, officer and equipment fees are included in one invoice
    Officers generate an invoice upon completion of the detail 
  • Payments can be made by ACH or credit card - No more writing and mailing paper checks
  • Multiple or recurring invoices can be paid at once
  • Easily run payment history and invoice reports

General Liability Insurance


Summit is dedicated to protecting both the businesses we work with and the officers supporting them. All jobs booked through Summit include general liability insurance, covering damages and injuries from security incidents. 

  • Protects a business from claims of an on-premise incident
  • Covers business assets
  • Includes medical costs of persons injured in a security incident
  • Covers legal fees in the case of a resulting lawsuit
  • Prevents a claim from hitting the business’ insurance policy


Improve Physical Safety and Security

Feel Confident with Reliable Security from Experienced Professionals

For over 15 years, Summit Security has been a trusted provider of effective security solutions for businesses nationwide. Our team combines extensive law enforcement and security expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored protection that gives you peace of mind.

Trained Police Officers Deter Threats and Crime

Officers bring an authoritative, professional presence that stops troublemakers in their tracks. Their authority, extensive training, knowledge of local laws, and ability to call for backup ensures your property, staff, and patrons stay safe. Community members recognize and trust a uniformed officer's experience and capabilities.

Customizable Security for Any Situation

We evaluate your unique needs and risks to recommend layered solutions that enhance safety across any or all of your business locations. This may include strategically placing officers in high traffic or sensitive areas, keeping Summit on standby for on-demand support, or being ready to respond to emergencies like natural disasters. Tell us your biggest concerns, and we'll tailor an effective security plan.

Improving security outcomes

Why off-duty officers?

Delivering peace of mind

While Summit can fulfill job requests in as few as four hours, we like to take a methodical approach to knowing your business and developing a tailor-fit solution.



We start with a discovery call to take stock of our client’s perceived risks, understand their security challenges and goals, and evaluate current security measures in place. We look for areas of improvement and where off-duty officers will have the highest impact on mitigating threats.



Our team of seasoned personnel helps clients think through their complete risk profile and determine the right solutions and staffing to achieve their outlined goals in physical security. We work together to come up with a plan of action.



We deliver solid security strategies and manage staffing, billing, payments so clients can focus on more pressing matters. We make sure to find the right officer for the job and maintain a 97% staffing rate.

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