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The economic turmoil trailing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is spilling over into recession.

The unique combination of economic, social and political tensions created over the past few has undoubtedly impacted consumer behavior. Banks and financial institutions are prime locations for those frustrations to spill over into dangerous territory.

At the same time, employees are displaying heightened emotions. Incidence of workplace violence have increased beyond pre-pandemic levels. There is a reluctance among employees to return to the office. Workplace tensions and conflict grow to the point that some employees can no longer be effective in their jobs. Terminations result and unfortunately are too often met with outbursts that can become violent.

Have a plan for keeping the peace at your bank’s office or branch location

An officer’s presence brings peace of mind and reassurance for all. Officers are different than security in that they’re trained in de-escalation techniques and able to diffuse a situation before it becomes an impediment to long-term business and the brand’s reputation. An off-duty officer is also able to call in reinforcements should it be needed.

Consider engaging an officer or officers to supplement existing security staff and support the most challenging locations and scenarios. With our generous insurance coverages, Summit can help you maximize security and minimize risk, keeping customers and employees safe and the bank’s business thriving.

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60% of workers would feel safer at work if their employer hired onsite security

More than 70% of Americans are more likely to visit a store that has onsite security.

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Value of Outsourcing Off Duty

Save Time, Streamline and Improve Safety & Security Summit exists to make life easier for our customers. We manage off-duty officer staffing — keeping you informed every step of the way — and free you to focus on your business.


Off-duty police officers vs. security guards – which is right for your business?

If you’ve Googled far enough to find this article, you’re likely feeling some form or fashion of vulnerability and recognizing risks you need help mitigating. 


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