Restaurant owners and event venue managers have a lot to handle. Meeting customer expectations for a high-quality experience is job #1. That entails ensuring that there’s a full bench of well-trained and personable staff, and food and beverage is high-quality and compliant with all rules and regulations for food safety. Tending to physical safety on site can easily become a second, full-time job.

Keeping customers safe and the good times rolling

A big part of delivering that top-notch entertainment experience for guests is safety. An act of violence erupting at a restaurant or entertainment venue is sure to be reported in social networks at the least, and likely the nightly news as well. If patrons feel threatened, they’re not likely to return. They have options. That’s why it’s critically important to ensure your restaurant or entertainment venue is secure. A reliable partner in security pays dividends.

Summit makes it easy

Making sure reliable, well-trained, professional security personnel is there when you need them is incredibly time consuming. That is why some of the nation’s largest restaurant chains and entertainment venues rely on Summit Off Duty Services. Whether it’s as simple as directing traffic at a crowded fast-food restaurant or more complex, like removing a drunk and disorderly patron, uniformed officers are uniquely equipped to work within the parameters of the law, document issues and keep the peace.

We work closely with customers to identify threats and critical times for support, then place the right officers when and where you need them. We manage any call-offs, as well as administrative functions like payroll and tax. Summit carries generous general liability insurance so that your site is protected in the event of an incident related to off-duty protection. 

Here with security now, everything is looking great. Anthony is at our site and he is awesome.

— Store Manager

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Insights for School Security
Customer Success Stories

Summit delivers reliable and effective security to Dallas-based healthcare provider

Summit Off Duty Services began supporting a large, Dallas-based children’s healthcare system in 2020. What started as singularly focused job, guarding a construction site, has grown to include additional posts and campuses.


Off-duty police officers vs. security guards – which is right for your business?

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