Natural Disasters Security Services

When a natural disaster strikes, local law enforcement resources are consumed with providing support to the community. But that doesn’t mean your business should be without security resources. 

Summit is able to tap into its nationwide network of 60,000+ officers and bring in resources from outside the impact zone to provide the highest level of security during a complicated time while adhering to local rules and regulations governing law enforcement.


Security before, during and after

What some businesses fail to account for is that the need for heightened security starts well before the storm hits. Most natural disasters come with a warning that sends people into a tailspin before the start of the actual event. Under duress, people don’t always make the best, safest decisions. Tensions before the disaster can lead to erratic and impulsive behavior resulting in road congestion, mobs in stores and fighting. 

When power is out, facilities flood or wind damages the security of structures, Summit resources can step in to help with evacuations and stay behind to protect the business, facility or even a neighborhood. Officers are armed and trained to respond appropriately to any criminal who may be seeking to take advantage of security systems offline, lights out, and empty buildings.

With any luck at all, the storm only lasts a finite number of hours to a day. When the sun comes up, the real work of rebuilding the community starts. 


Police protection through it all

Summit Off Duty Services knows the risks and security requirements stemming from natural disasters. We have supported clients throughout some of the worst storms our nation has encountered. 

Having a uniformed officer on site helps keep the peace before disaster strikes. The mere presence of an officer brings a sense of security to stressed-out customers and sends a signal to those prone to conflict. Unlike security guards, officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and have the authority to arrest and keep the peace should the need arise.

With local police forces working overtime to keep the peace and support community members hit hardest by the event, Summit enlists the support of law enforcement agencies outside of the impact zone in a variety of ways, including:

  • Directing traffic.
  • Guarding stores, businesses, infrastructure, and 
  • Ensuring aid gets to where it’s needed.
  • Ensuring safety at relief centers or evacuation sites.
  • Protecting the physical assets.
  • Protecting employees as they return to inspect buildings and work sites. 

Summit can help you be prepared for the worst so you can expect the best security outcome when a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood or other natural disaster strikes. 

Summit can help.

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As Hurricane Harvey lingered over south Texas, Summit brought in 500 officers from 140 different agencies to help distribute aid, direct traffic and protect infrastructure on behalf of our customers.

Summit is a great partner. We have been able to mobilize teams quickly when needed and the officers are always very professional.

— Security executive, Nationwide automotive warehousing
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