Retailers - and grocers especially -  across the U.S. are feeling a strain on margins. Combating shrink is their highest priority. At the same time, consumers are increasingly concerned about security while shopping, especially at night and in higher crime areas. Their loyalty is on the line. 

Security has never been a higher priority for grocers.

Addressing safety and shrink

Many grocers are implementing a host of security measures, like enhanced lighting and additional cameras, to help customers feel safe while in the store and the parking lot. Efforts are underway to add staff, who both support customer experience and theft prevention. But finding and training full-time employees – especially for security posts -- isn’t easy in today’s environment. 

Value of off-duty officers in grocery

To overcome staffing challenges and ensure people feel safe and products stay on the shelf, grocery store managers and security directors are enlisting the help of off-duty officers, proven to be effective when it comes to combating theft and instilling a sense of security for shoppers and personnel. 

Officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and able to diffuse a situation before it becomes an impediment to long-term business and the brand’s reputation. An off-duty officer is also able to call in reinforcements should they be needed. Their presence and authority make a would-be criminal think twice before committing theft.

Consider engaging an officer or officers to supplement existing security staff and support the most challenging locations and scenarios.  Summit can help you maximize security and minimize shrink. 

One Summit retail customer went from annual loss due to theft of $750,000 down to $180,000/year after strategically positioning off-duty officers at stores. Read More

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Insights for Grocery Security
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