International telecom retailer realizes 376% ROI in peace officers through Summit

An international telecommunications provider engaged Summit seven years ago, as it struggled with shrinkage and theft. In the spring of 2014, Summit stepped in with a security strategy to deter criminals at 30 high-risk locations across Houston. The work continues today.

These locations were losing, on average, $25,000 per month worth of mobile phones and accessories. With 30 different stores running such a high loss rate, the corporation was facing a potential loss of revenue in excess of $750,000 each month. By targeting these specific, high-loss locations, it could gauge the effectiveness of Summit and peace officer-led security.


In certain locations, officers were able to park marked cars outside of the store. In all locations, an armed officer was on site 60 hours per week – the hours when crime most frequently occurred – in full uniform.


There were several observable incidences where a subject arrived on site with a firearm, saw the officer and turned around. Uniformed officers have a presence and authority that makes a bad actor to think twice. They know that, should the need arise, an officer can call in the full force of the law quickly and criminal charges will follow.

Seven years into the engagement with Summit, this international telecommunications company budgets $500/month for theft and shrinkage in these stores. That loss can be something as simple as a misplaced item, missed barcode scan or the result of employee theft. Robberies are a rare occurrence. For these 30 stores, considering previous losses of $750,000 down to $180,000 per year, and given the cost of hiring officers, the company is realizing a 376% return on their investment in Summit.

While you can’t put a price tag on it, the client is especially grateful to know that now, employees feel safe. Ensuring employee safety makes it easier to hire and retain quality workers who are happy and confident at work, and engaged in the company’s mission and success.