Manufacturing & Warehouse Security Services

With sprawling campuses, spanning tens of acres, and people coming and going around the clock, manufacturing and storage complexes are often a target for criminals who see an opportunity to infiltrate the site – unseen — and steal valuable assets.

The larger the site, the more challenging the safety and security plan. A layered approach to security is critical to effectively protecting people and property.

  • Perimeter protection
  • Traffic control
  • Access controls
  • Monitoring & detection tools
  • On-site response
Perimeter protection

Is landscaping impeding security’s view of the surrounding property? Is appropriate signage in place to make it clear who is and isn’t expected to be on property, and where they can and should safely go. Is the fencing complete, without gaps, and hard to scale?

Traffic control

Given the constantly flow of trucks and trailers and employee vehicles in and out of the site, traffic control is an important part of the safety equation. Managing the flow of traffic, speed limitations and rules governing movement around the complex is an easy way to prevent potentially costly accidents. Summit can help design traffic patterns, put tools in place for an effective traffic flow, and provide officers to direct traffic during critical times.
Access controls – Access gates, badge readers and intercoms go a long way toward deterring, detecting, and delaying issues and incidents. Access controls make it easy to keep bad actors at bay and know exactly who entered which area of a facility and intervene if people are out of place.

Monitoring & detection

The presence of cameras causes bad actors to think twice. The function of cameras gives security teams visibility on all areas of the facility. With smarter cameras coming into play, offering heat detection, cameras can alert security staff early in order to catch intruders.

Response team

In addition to security personnel, the presence of a police officer on site sends a signal to intruders that security is taken seriously. On-site officers have the power to arrest and the ability to call in backup. In instances where Summit officers have been placed on large warehouse-type projects, instances of theft have dropped off considerably.
In providing physical security, it imperative to have the right tools, technologies, and teams to deter, detect and delay harmful events. These layers of security are critical to protecting your site.

Let Summit Off Duty Services centralize and manage the process of engaging off-duty officers for your manufacturing or warehouse site.

Summit has a vast network of over 60,000 uniformed officers, an end-to-end technology platform for coordinating everything from scheduling to billing, a solid and positive reputation with law enforcement agencies, and a customer support team dedicated to delivering a comprehensive off-duty officer program.

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Summit is a great partner. We have been able to mobilize teams quickly when needed and the officers are always very professional.

— Security executive, Nationwide automotive warehousing
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