Manufacturing & Warehouse Security Services

With sprawling campuses, spanning tens of acres, and people coming and going around the clock, manufacturing and storage complexes face unique security challenges. As such, they are often targeted by criminals who see gaps in the periphery and opportunities to infiltrate the site and steal valuable assets. 

Protect people and property

The larger the site, the more challenging safety and security become. Perimeter monitoring, access controls, and traffic control aren’t enough to keep criminals out. A layered approach to security is critical to effectively protect people and property. It is imperative to have the right tools, technologies, and teams to deter, detect and respond to threats.  

The value of off-duty officers at manufacturing and warehouse sites

In addition to security personnel, the presence of a police officer on site sends a signal to intruders that security is taken seriously. On-site officers have the power to arrest and the ability to call in backup. In instances where Summit officers have been placed on large warehouse-type projects, instances of theft have dropped off considerably.

Let Summit Off Duty Services centralize and manage the process of engaging off-duty officers for your manufacturing or warehouse site through our vast network of over 60,000 uniformed officers.


Summit is a great partner. We have been able to mobilize teams quickly when needed and the officers are always very professional.

— Security executive, Nationwide automotive warehousing

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Insights for Manufacturing & Warehouse Security

Coverage in any event. Accidents happen, and when they do…

At Summit Off Duty Services, we’re all about making it easy to outsource off-duty officer support, while protecting…


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Value of Outsourcing Off Duty

Save Time, Streamline and Improve Safety & Security Summit exists to make life easier for our customers. We manage off-duty officer staffing — keeping you informed every step of the way — and free you to focus on your business.