Value of Outsourcing Off Duty

Save Time, Streamline and Improve Safety & Security

Summit exists to make life easier for our customers. We manage off-duty officer staffing — keeping you informed every step of the way — and free you to focus on your business.



For years, managers and business leaders have handled the outsourcing of off-duty officers on their own. The challenge presented with this method is this: doing it yourself can be very time consuming and limiting. The business typically has a limited number of resources to draw upon, whether that’s the handful of officers that you already know or the local police department. What looks like a simple task at face value can end up consuming countless hours trying to find the right person, get them onboarded and coordinate their availability (and call-off coverage). Given the increasingly limited number of police officers available, sometimes the business is forced to settle for skeletal coverage.

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Summit handles all of the sourcing and logistics. In an outsourced scenario, the manager or business owner simply calls a dedicated client relationship manager who will help define an effective security plan before pairing the business with the right officer(s) for the job. Summit pulls from a host of law enforcement agencies, not just the local police department, but sheriff’s departments, municipal police, state troopers, etc. We have a 97% staffing fulfillment rate so no post goes dark and your business remains secure.



Every company has a different process for paying off-duty officers but it’s rarely seamless and simple and usually involves getting each officer to fill out tax, liability and direct deposit forms at a minimum. Officers, by their nature, don’t spend the day in front of a computer and this complicates timeliness (which has downstream effects on officer payment and coverage). This manual process has to be repeated for each officer who works for the business.

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Summit jobs run on a technology platform built for off-duty management. There are 60,000 officers on the platform, all set up and ready to work. It’s easy for additional officers to submit requisite information via the mobile app so the officer is all set for billing and payment from one job to the next. Every job they work through Summit is ready for payment.

Invoicing & Payment


Each time an officer has a shift, they fill out an invoice with the details of their shift (hours, rate, etc.) and submit it to the manager or business owner who attends to this extra source of administrative burden. Typically, they approve and submit invoices to accounts payable so that the officer will get paid in the 30-day pay cycle. Each officer is paid as a separate contractor, generating several invoices and payment lines. Also, the timing of payment is somewhat unpredictable so the manager will inevitably spend time fielding questions from the coordinator and/or officers as to the status of payment.

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With Summit’s app, GPS ensures officers are automatically clocked in and out when they arrive and leave the site. A single, electronic invoice is generated per shift, regardless of the number of officers engaged and sent to the business for easy, electronic payment.


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By outsourcing off-duty to Summit, the business’s bottom line and reputation is protected from incidents related to onsite security issues handled by Summit officers.

Say, for example, an officer needs to restrain a disorderly patron and that detainee throws something and breaks a window or injures a fellow patron. The cost to replace the window or pay reparations to the other patron will be covered under Summit’s generous general liability (GL) plan. The GL will also defend an officer, as well as the business, if one or the other is faces a law suit. Finally, officers working jobs for Summit have access to workers’ comp and occupational accident insurance.

Let Summit manage off-duty so you can focus on your business.

For a low, flat fee, businesses can save time and elevate their security programs by working through Summit. Off-duty officers have proven to be infinitely more effective, compared to security guards, at deterring crime and keeping the peace.