Growing together: Dave & Busters partners with Summit Off Duty for reliable security staffing.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Coppell, Texas, Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc. owns and operates 147 venues offering entertainment and dining to guests. They have locations in 41 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. Over the summer (2022), Dave & Buster’s acquired Main Event and added 50 additional locations to its portfolio.

Challenge – So many sites, so few people

Jason Foshee, Senior Manager of Security, and his team at Dave & Buster’s have responsibility for safety and security for the company’s nearly 200 locations across the nation. They rely on third-party providers like Summit Off Duty Services to coordinate physical security details and work with local peace officers to keep locations, employees and patrons safe.

There was one store in particular, in Syracuse, that presented an ongoing challenge to the security team. There were simply not enough guards available to fill posts. Guards who did show up all too often did not meet Dave & Buster’s standards for professionalism.

Solution – Officers step in to provide reliable coverage

Security Staffing MixFoshee and team were feeling the effects of workforce shortages across all of the company’s many locations. Filling guard posts was increasingly challenging during and after the pandemic so the company shifted to more off-duty officer (including retired officers, reservists, and former military members) coverage.


We’ve found that you really get your return on the investment in officers. They are professional, reliable and their presence alone is reassuring to our customers and a significant deterrent to those inclined to cause harm.

— Jason Foshee, Senior Manager of Security
Results – Ready and reliable

In just a few months, Summit has fulfilled the need in Syracuse, delivering a steady stream of officers as requested by Dave & Buster’s. It has and added nearly 20 other locations in a short period. Foshee and team appreciate Summit’s responsiveness and reliability.

One of the things I appreciate most about Summit is knowing that someone’s going to be there when we call. They also have an incredible network of officers. We know we can rely on Summit.

— Jason Foshee, Senior Manager of Security