Summit Helps a Large, Casual Dining Chain Prevent Loss

Summit has supported a large, casual dining chain since Nov. 2017, helping select sites prevent loss and keep the peace on site.

Loss at this chain most often comes from patrons skipping their tab, the occasional car break in, or employee theft. Having an officer on site makes a huge difference. When the potential to be caught and arrested is clear and present, the criminally inclined think twice.

The other issue Summit supports is violence prevention. From time to time, patrons – often those who’ve had too much to drink – will get out of line, threatening restaurant employees or other patrons. Officers are authorized and able to step in and diffuse tense situations, removing the patron if necessary for the safety and security of staff and fellow customers. Unlike security personnel, officers are able to call in back up if the situation cannot be resolved peacefully by removing the person who’s out of line. In situations like this, Summit works closely with its customers to establish protocols for removing patrons, ever mindful of the risks and sensitivities.

This restaurant chain places a high value on keeping employees safe and happy, and delivering delicious food in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Summit Off Duty Services is proud to be there, helping its customer achieve these important goals.