Ending the year on a high note


Surging crime and a waning workforce made 2022 another year to remember. It wasn’t an easy time to be in the business of staffing. With a hard-working team who loves what they do and the customers they do it for, despite challenges, we’re ending the year on a high note. 

Summit is proud to have maintained a staffing success rate of 97% while industry peers hovered in the 70th percentile. As we reflect on the year, we’ve arrived at five things that set Summit apart and make our business sing. 

 People First

At the root of Summit’s success is great relationships. We value people first and foremost and make a concerted effort to stay connected by answering the call, checking in with our customers,  who are also our friends, and showing up in person regularly.

Because we lean on a technology platform to schedule, pay, and manage the jobs we serve, it would be easy to turn on cruise control and coast; it would be cost-efficient too. But that’s not who we are. We have and will continue to put client relationships first, working hand-in-hand to make our partnership great. We appreciate the trust our customers place in us on a daily basis and never want to take it for granted.

 Staying ahead of the issues

To us, it’s important to stay a step ahead of customers’ needs. We try to alert them to risks before they become issues or worse. To do that requires specialized knowledge of and focus on priority industries. That’s why Summit added team members in 2022 to make it possible to dedicate attention to the healthcare, banking, retail, restaurant, hospitality and energy industries so we can provide the best possible support. 

 Servant Leaders

The roll-up-your-sleeves leadership team at Summit made it possible to weather staffing challenges over the past few years. They know the team, know the clients and stay attuned to the needs of both. They answer the phone when called, show up for their people, own their mistakes and are driven to solve problems.  

 Connected Team

Bringing it all together is a team that universally values customers, understands their issues and is enthusiastically available to one another, our customers, and the officers that work Summit jobs. Our team is the backbone and horsepower of the organization and they deserve all the praise as we put a bow on the year and head into the holidays. 

 Respect & Humility

With our roots in law enforcement and team members who’ve worked off duty, we never lose sight of what we’re asking officers to do: invest their free time, their family time, to work jobs that are likely to put them in harm’s way.  That point of view and respect will continue to guide our approach.  We consider ourselves allies to the wonderful officers who work for our customers, always keeping their best interest at the forefront of what we do.

Going into 2023, we want to continue to be an essential service provider and never lose sight of the importance of what we do. Protecting businesses and people is important work. The officers who do it are hardworking, good men and women. We are honored to serve as a connecting point. 

Summit’s accomplishments in a complex environment have the team excited about what is to come. Thanks to all who’ve been part of our journey. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!