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Summit respects and appreciates the value of peace officers

We have a solid bench of officers because we treat officers like we’d like to be treated – paying them quickly, respecting their needs, and going out of our way to avoid last minute work. 

We are well-versed in the rules and regulations governing off-duty work state-by-state, county-by-county or city-by-city. Our jobs are run ethically and with integrity and transparency.

Working through RollKall

Working through RollKall

RollKall is Summit’s sister company and the technology platform we use to coordinate assignments.  

Through RollKall
  • Every job is well documented
  • Officers have all of the details they need in the app
  • Clock-in and clock-out is easy
  • Officers get paid fast

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work for you this past week. It’s been a wonderful experience. I see that your company really has its ducks in a row. I would definitely like to have the opportunity to continue working together in the near future.

— Nate Robertson, Deputy, Forrest County Sheriff’s Department

How to get started

Step 1: Get Summit certified & set up your profile
  1. Go to the Summit Officer Portal to sign up
  2. Add your email and select a password to begin
  3. Create an account by filling in the required fields
  4. Input your contact and department profile details
  5. Successfully complete and submit all contract forms

Due to department firewalls, we recommend using a personal computer or your mobile device to access the registration portal.

Step 2: Download the RollKall app & sign up for RKPay
  1. Download the RollKall app on your mobile device and sign up for Rollkall and RKPay
  2. A completed verification form with supervisor signature is required
  3. RollKall’s RKPay is the fastest way to pay you for the off duty jobs you’ve worked
  4. Once your profile is complete, RollKall will send you an email with verification link to set up RKPay
  5. Invoicing and payments are processed directly through the RollKall app within 21 days

Learn more about RKPay and how it works:

Step 3: Sign in & get assigned
  • That’s it! Your access is set with Summit and you’re ready to  work off duty jobs
  • The RollKall app provides scheduling and assignment information regarding available off duty shifts
  • Track and submit your invoices, payment status and all shifts details
  • 24/7 access to the Summit Communications Center for questions or assistance by calling 972-427-1320
Officer Onboarding

Officer Onboarding

Register in three easy steps!

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