Improve Physical Security with Summit Off Duty Services

Summit has been helping businesses improve security outcomes for over 15 years by enlisting the help of off-duty officers for physical security. Uniformed officers help prevent theft, violence and vandalism as crime rates rise and bad actors become more brazen and more organized.

Retailers rally around increase in shrink

With each quarter close and fiscal year-end reporting, we hear an increasingly familiar refrain from the retail sector. It goes something like this – shrink due to theft has gotten out of control. It has crushed profitability and prompted negative revisions to forecasts. The cost to stores will be recouped at higher...


Prioritizing physical security outcomes while maximizing your budget in a fluctuating economic environment

Given the current market, marked by volatility, inflation and high interest rates, flexible security budgets are important. Being strategic about using low-cost resources when and where you can, while guarding the most important posts and assets with higher-end resources, helps security departments play their part in...


Summit's Best-In-Class Security Solutions

Summit Off Duty Services creates and manages security programs for businesses, placing off-duty police officers and alternative security solutions to keep customers, employees and assets safe.

Summit Security Guide

Improve onsite safety and security by enlisting the help of off-duty police security in your security plan. Read our guide to learn more about how hiring off-duty officers works, options, the importance of insurance and tips for making sure all jobs run smoothly.

Protecting Your Business from Liability When Hiring Off-Duty Officers

There is always the possibility that a security incident will occur and, during the course of that incident, cause damage to persons or property at your business. This is, in fact, part of the reason you bring in off-duty officers: to help manage security threats. However, in the event of such an incident, who is held liable for damages that may occur? 

The added costs of implementing security after an incident vs proactively securing a site

In July 2022, Starbucks closed 16 stores in Seattle; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; Washington, DC; and Portland, Oregon after a series of incidents made it unsafe to continue to operate them. Store security got out of control following the 2018 announcement of a new Starbucks’s policy making store restrooms available to the public. 

A More Secure Outlook for Retailers in 2023

What’s driving this spike in organized retail crime? e-Commerce. Disguised among the millions of legitimate third-party sellers, thieves turn to online marketplaces to quickly resell stolen goods. The internet has allowed crime rings to fly under the radar while reaching unsuspecting consumers across the globe.

Meet Alex Smith, the new President of Summit Off Duty Services

Summit is excited to announce Alex Smith as the new President of Summit Off Duty Services. As a seasoned leader with experience working with national companies across the country, Alex brings top-notch …

Navigating a Hiring Freeze Without Compromising Safety & Security

Despite the positive outlook a new year typically brings, market trends don’t point to the end of the turbulence employers have faced since the start of this decade. Seventy percent of economists …